Statement from Richard Edwards regarding the UK's decision to leave the EU

RE: Anpario's position following the UK's decision to leave the European Union

I just want to make a statement to all employees, customers and business associates in relation to the huge democratic decision the people of the United Kingdom made last week and to reassure everyone that for Anpario and the United Kingdom it is very much business as usual.


Britain has always been an outward looking trading nation, proud of its history and its links with the World including Europe.  I wish to reassure our international employees, customers and suppliers that Britain isn't turning in on itself.  Rather, the vote for Brexit was about liberty and free trade – and about trying to better manage globalization from the perspective of developing strong trading partnerships across the World.  The United Kingdom is one of the most open economies in the World and we wish this to continue and to develop fair and open trade relations which not only benefit all citizens of the United Kingdom but also the citizens of our trading partners.  We are not turning our back on the European Union and Anpario is committed to encouraging our government to negotiate a deal with the EU which is both mutually beneficial and built on the principles of free trade.

The vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom, from all sorts of different backgrounds, sent a message to the politicians in both London and Brussels, that the benefits of globalization need to be shared with everyone.  Anpario's head office and production site is located in a place called Worksop in Nottinghamshire; this area once being a coal mining powerhouse.  The loss of this industry, for understandable reasons, has left the area exposed to decline for decades. It is towns such as Worksop that sent a message last Thursday to the politicians to say we want change and the way this was expressed was by the vote to for Brexit.  As such, I am proud that Anpario is located in such an area providing employment to a dedicated and skilled workforce which is supplying the highest quality products to over 70 countries around the World.

So, please be assured that Anpario plc is a strong well capitalized company and it is very much business as usual for both Anpario plc and the United Kingdom.

Richard Edwards

Chief Executive