Anpario plc Appoints Group Technical Director

Wendy_WAnpario plc has appointed Dr Wendy Wakeman to the position of Group Technical Director.

Wendy will lead the Technical Team and work in close collaboration with the Marketing Team to support the requirements of global sales.


Anpario's expertise is focused on intestinal and animal health, looking how to best utilise this understanding to improve animal performance and producer profitability.  Therefore, Wendy's previous knowledge from working across many disciplines with cutting edge technologies will stand her in great stead to manage the existing product range, whilst providing focus for advancing the technology of Anpario's feed additive product portfolio.

Wendy has strong experience with working in both feed and food industries.  Previous companies she has worked for include Kenneth Wilson (part of the Bunge group), BOCM Silcock Ltd (part of Unilever), BOCM Pauls Ltd, Roche Vitamins, Alltech Inc. and Huvepharma N.V.  Most recently Wendy worked for Devenish Nutrition in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and other international markets.

In aforementioned roles Wendy has worked with raw materials, food by-products, micro nutrients, additives, formulations, new product development, milling and technology.  She has also travelled extensively and recently lived in the USA for 18 months.  Her main responsibilities were concentrated around providing technical support and development of poultry solutions.  Wendy has successfully promoted and developed strategies for use in antibiotic free programmes for poultry, whilst promoting nutrition, health and well-being.

Her career started at Leeds University with a degree in Animal Nutrition but throughout her career, Wendy has added other qualifications including a Diploma in Marketing and a PhD in Poultry Nutrition from the University of Nottingham.

Wendy's wealth of experience and impressive educational background will strengthen the technical team and drive the technical backing and commercial growth for Anpario, on a global scale.