About Us

Meriden Phils Inc. is a subsidary company of Meriden Animal Health Limited.  Meriden products are marketed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia subcontinent, South East Asia, North and South America. Sales and distribution within these markets are managed via exclusive distributors, Meriden subsidiaries or Meriden group companies.


Meriden Animal Health recognises that, in general terms, despite the similarity of the problems faced by intensive livestock producers, factors such as environmental and climatic conditions create specific problems and requirements in each market. Meriden has structured its operations in pursuit of providing solutions to the problems wherever they occur.


thumb_ISO9001Meriden Animal Health’s principal production site is GMP licensed and its whole system is set up to adhere to the principle of total quality. However, Meriden recognises that the production of quality finished products only becomes possible if the quality of the base raw materials is excellent. Meriden sets the highest standards for strict quality control to which even the simplest ingredient, including excipients, must adhere before they can be cleared for use in production. Meriden ensures that all its products are produced from the finest ingredients. This, together with careful quality control of finished products, is intended to make the Meriden and Orego-Stim brands synonymous with quality all around the world.



In addition, Meriden is committed to providing quality service and products and is a registered QMS:ISO 9001 firm.


thumb_FEMASThe Orego-Stim range has an additional advantage in that it has FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) approval which ensures the highest standards in each step of the production process, from raw material through to finished product, therefore offering full traceability.

FEMAS is a fundamental requirement within UFAS (UKASTA Feed Assurance Scheme) which ensures safe feed production. UFAS embraces all existing UK and EU feed legislation, Codes of Practice and forthcoming legislation demanding HACCP and traceability throughout the chain.


Meriden's technical team embrace the varied disciplines applicable to animal health. The team includes nutritionists, pharmacists, veterinarians etc and has been carefully selected for the international experience of its members. The result is a technical team that has members based in the UK, Spain and South East Asia.  With their knowledge, hands-on experience and training combine to provide Meriden's customers with a superb technical back-up service that takes into account the commercial considerations of the livestock producers.