Meri-phyze 5000

Your answer to maximum feed utilisation!

thumb_pigMost of the phosphorus (P) consumed by animals is excreted in the manure.  This is a waste of resource, because up to 80% of the total phosphorus in grains and oilseeds is in an organically-bound form known as phytate or phytic acid. This form of phosphorus is indigestible to monogastric animals, as they have virtually no intestinal phytase activity of their own. Phytase is an enzyme that is capable of breaking down indigestible phytate to release phosphorus, making it available for absorption and utilisation by monogastric animals, thereby reducing phosphorus excretion.

This low availability of phytate phosphorus poses two problems for producers:

Red_block  The need to add inorganic phosphorus supplements to diets, and

Red_block  The excretion of large amounts of phosphorus in manure.

Meri-phyze 5000 contains phytase, an enzyme capable of breaking down indigestible phytate (phytic acid) in grains and oilseeds; thereby releasing digestible phosphorus for pigs and poultry.


With Meri-phyze 5000 you have:

1. Improved utilisation of phosphate in the feed by increasing availability and digestibility of phytate phosphorus from feed ingredients of plant origin.

2. Higher profitability. Meri-phyze 5000 significantly reduces the amount of inorganic phosphorus normally added to the diet to ensure that the animal’s requirement of phosphorus is met, therefore reducing feed costs.

3. Improved digestibility of other phytate-bound nutrients such as amino acids, calcium, other nutrients and increased apparent metabolisable energy.

4. Reduced anti-nutritional factors such as inorganic phosphorus and phosphate-phytate.

5. Reduced output of phosphorus to the environment through excretion in manure, therefore being nature-friendly.

thumb_ChicksTo produce healthy animals the natural way, Meri-phyze 5000 can be used together with Orego-Stim®, a natural feed flavour containing many interesting properties including antibacterial, anticoccidial, antidiarrhoeal...and many more.


Without Meri-phyze 5000

Available phosphorus in phytate goes to waste.  Therefore, additional phosphorus needs to be added into feed.