thumb_Orego_stim_cmyk_OscarOrego-Stim is unique and is the 100% natural feed additive/flavour used globally in livestock diets to maximise overall performance and returns.


Published studies demonstrate the significant and wide-ranging effects of Orego-Stim on various microbes that affect the gastrointestinal tract of livestock animals, thus enhancing performance and boosting productivity.


Orego-Stim promotes growth and better feed utilisation. It improves health status and assists in times of stress while providing a distinctive aromatic flavour in feed.


Red_block  Safethumb_Orego-Stim_Product

Red_block  100% natural


Red_block  Fully researched and tested


Red_block  Cost effective


Red_block  Easy to administer


Red_block  Full technical support


Orego-Stim is available in both powder and liquid form in the following pack sizes:


Powder: 5kg and 25kg packs

Liquid: 1 litre bottles