What is Meribind?

Meribind is a polymethylolcarbamide pellet binder.

Why use a pellet binder?

It is not advisable to rely solely on the intrinsic adhesive property of the feed.  Pellet binders are required to bind complete feed pellets.

Why use Meribind?

Meribind bears the following advantages  over other normal binders:


Red_block  Wide Scope of Action - Meribind is suitable for livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds.


Red_block  Improved Pellet Quality - Pellets gain hardness and durability, resulting in a reduction of fines and waste, with low dust losses in the feed mill and during delivery.  It enables mre oils to be incorporated into feed to keep costs down.  At the same time there is less external stickiness during cooling.


Red_block  Harder and Stronger Pellets - Meribind is water activated.  It thus becomes relatively non-hygroscopic unlike lignosulphonates or zeolites.  Pellets can be handled in bulk with ease.  They are more water-durable, more water-resistant and maintain physical integrity.


Red_block  Attractive Feed - Pellets made with Meribind will swell in water, becoming soft and flexible.  Softer feeds are more attractive, easier to consume and require less energy.  Unlike other feeds which swell, pellets containing Meribind remain tough and retain integrity, without breaking apart when touched.


Red_block  Retains Natural Freshness - Meribind has no peculiar odours and therefore, pelleted feed retains it's exquisite smell and natural freshness.


Red_block  Excellent Adhesive Properties - Dramatically improves pellet stability in water.  Actual production tests showed that pellets made with Meribind lasted from one to eight times longer in water campared to pellets made without Meribind.


Red_block  Excellent Water Tolerance - Meribind has high tolerance to water and makes feed stable for at least 1 hour and up to 4 hours in water.


Red_block  Better Lubrication Properties - The lubricating properties of Meribind are greater giving longer die life, lower power requirements and increases feed output of your mill.


Red_block  Environmentally Friendly - Meribind is slowly biodegradable and has minimal effects on the BOD of aquaculture ponds, resulting in more efficient use feed, thus decreased waste and decayed matter on pond bottoms to clean up.


Red_block  Low Inclusion Rates - The low inclusion rates of Meribind allows maximum inclusion of other ingredients such as protein and energy, especially when manufacturing high-energy rations, and it helps to improve your cost formulation.


Red_block  thumb_fishLess Storage Space - Less storage space is required due to the low inclusion rate.  This allows more floor/bin space for other ingredients and for less bag handling and disposal.


Red_block  Production Efficiency - Production efficiency is increased due to lower power requirements, increased die life and increased tonnage output.


Red_block  High Compatibility - Meribind is compatible with all ingredients used in animal feeds and has no contraindications or detrimental effects on any nutrients within the feed.


Red_block  Easy Operations and Versatile - Directly put the binder into the mixing machine.  After the binder is stirred into a homogenous level, the pelleted feed can be produced by steam and it works in short- or long-conditioning system.