What is Tilgain?


thumb_pigTilgain is a feed additive premix formulated for safe and accurate dispersion in animal feed.  Tilgain contains tylosin phosphate equivalent to 10% tylosin activity and is highly effective for use in both poultry and pigs.


Why use Tilgain?


Red_block It has a good antibacterial activity against most pathogenic organisms such as Gram-positive bacteria, some Gram-negative bacteria, vibrios, spirochetes, coccidia etc


Red_block It inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by inhibiting the 50S ribosome, a cellular structure only certain bacteria have and use to make internal proteins.


Red_block It is one of the first choice drugs against infections caused by mycoplasma


Red_block It is fast acting; it can be absorbed quickly after oral administration and distributed widely in the organs (mainly concentrated in lung, liver, kidney, spleen and gallbladder)


Red_block It has a high bioavailability which makes Tilgain's action rapid and long lasting


Red_block It meets and exceeds minimum specifications for tylosin and has small size particles

For more information, please click here for the Tilgain brochure