Bamber 40


Bamber 40 is indicated to improve the rate of growth and efficiency of feed conversion in poultry, pigs, calves, fattening cattle and animals bred for fur (excluding rabbits).

Principles of Growth Enhancement

Bambermycin lowers the amount of intestinal pathogens and prevents thickening of the intestinal wall, thus enhancing the absorption of energy, protein and other nutrients. It also increases the absorption of water through the intestine, thus lowering water intake of the animals and reducing moisture content of faeces.  Bambermycin prolongs the life of antibiotics by eliminating R-factor carrying plasmids. The MIC of gram-negative bacteria is lowered by R-factors, so bambermycin in its nutritive doses is active against them and inhibits their reproducibility. The spread of resistance by the reproduction of resistant bacteria is slowed and sensitive bacteria can take their place.


Each kg of Meriden Bamber 40 contains 40g bambermycin activity.

Residues & Withdrawal Period

There has been no incidence of residue detection in carcasses of animals fed on bambermycin, because it is virtually unabsorbed from the gut.

There is no withdrawal period required for Bamber 40.



Storage in premix remains stable for 2 years. It is also stable during pelleting and in manufacturing

conditions at temperatures up to 80 - 85°C. Stability both in meal and pellets are up to 3 months.