Meribond Plus

What is Meribond Plus?
Meribond Plus is a chemically complex material exhibiting a variety of functional properties like sizeable surface area, high porosity and cation-exchange activity.  Extensive research has shown that hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates formed a more stable complex with aflotoxin than many other aflatoxin-binding compounds.


Why use Meribond Plus?

Meribond Plus is scientifically and commercially proven to minimise aflatoxin caused production inefficiencies such as body weight loss and reduced feed intake in broilers and pigs.  It minimises the level of Aflatoxin M1 in the milk of dairy animals,  drops in egg production in layers and drops in egg production, fertility and hatchability in breeders.


Meribond Plus prevents liver and kidney damage, proventricular and gizzard erosions and ulcerations, diarrhoea, skeletal disorders, atrophy of the spleen and other lymphatic organs, and harmorrhages of the visceral organs caused by aflatoxins and their combinations with other mycotoxins.  It is a specially-processed hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate containing small quantities of sodium oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide and water crystals.  Thsi unique composition makes it a selective chemisorbent and thereby detoxifies harmful aflatoxins.  In addition to binding aflatoxins, it's anti-caking properties lead to superior flow in finished animal feeds and feed components.


Meribond Plus, the ultimate anti-caking agent and toxin binder, bears the following advantages over other ordinary toxin binders:


Red_block  Low cost/high return on investment

Red_block  Low but effective inclusion rate in feed

Red_block  Rapidly and uniformly disperses during feed mixing

Red_block  Low binding affinity for vitamins, minerals, drugs and other additives

Red_block  Safe and non-toxic to both humans and animals

Red_block  High stability over a wide range of conditions

Red_block  Biodegradable and environmentally friendly after excretion

Red_block  An established quality Meriden brand