Meriden targets Swine industry in Philippines


Meriden Animal Health recently held a seminar for customers in Davao, Southern Philippines, entitled ‘Key Solutions to Swine Intestinal Health’.



The products introduced to the delegates included Orego-Stim, a 100% natural phytobiotic which works in the gut to improve the overall health of all types of livestock animals.


Vethealth Corporation was represented by Marielle Occidental, who prepared the opening speech and introduced the company to the delegates. Dr Chloe Loh from Meriden Animal Health presented the technical product information and hosted the Q&A session afterwards.


Dr Chloe Loh said: ‘The seminar was very successful, with the participants curious and eager to know more about Meriden’s products during the Q&A. There was also time for more individual discussion during the buffet dinner, which followed afterwards.’