Steve Harris retires from Meriden

166_croppedAfter over 40 years in the industry, Steve Harris, founder and Managing Director of Meriden Animal Health has retired from the business.

Steve has taken the decision to move on to a new stage in his life, spending more time with his family and working on new projects.

Since selling the company in March 2012, Meriden Animal Health has continued to grow sales and successfully meet the needs of the many loyal customers who believe in both the company and the products.

Steve Harris spearheaded the development of the pioneering phytobiotic product, Orego-Stim. The first natural product of its kind, Orego-Stim has become a global success and a key product in the Animal Health industry. The success of Meriden Animal Health was further bolstered by the development of the Fusion Feed Safety Range, tackling the ever-growing issue of mycotoxins in animal feed.

Steve said: "Meriden continues to grow and do very well, however I think the time has come for me to step aside and allow new managerial input to drive this business to the next level. Obviously after such a long period of tenure, it would be impossible for this decision not to be tinged with sadness and I'm sure I'll miss it."

As the founder of the company and the brains behind this ground-breaking product, Steve will be missed by his dedicated team of staff and the many friends he has made in the industry. However, he is now moving on to a new chapter of his life which will clearly be just as successful.